Do you have a desire to feel or experience MORE from your travel experiences?
We believe our time abroad should enrich, energize and expand our place in the world.

There are three elements that distinguish transformational travel from a vacation.



Transformational travel is challenging.
– Whether physically, spiritually or mentally


Transformational travel is Immersive.
– Life is meant to be a contact sport


The Transformational Traveler intentionally chooses to go toward the unfamiliar, with an open heart and an open question.

Towards this end we focus on the following

Adventure over Relaxation

Cultural Immersion over Imports from Home

New Experiences over Familiar Surroundings

Participation over Observation

Fueling Curiosity

Living Lives Enriched by Community & Connection

More than anything else we are curious and excited by how we can become porous to the breadth of experiences in the world