A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

The Camino de Santiago, known in English as The Way of St James, is a network of paths leading to the shrine of St James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in Northwest Spain.  Tradition holds that the Cathedral is the the final resting place of St James.

Through the Middle Ages the Camino was one of the three principle pilgrimages of Christianity (Jerusalem and Rome being the other two). While still relevant today the pilgrimage has become popular as a spiritual retreat for many traditions.  Our love of the Way stems from the deep, broad experience, the community and the submitting to life as a pilgrim during the trip.

Our pilgrimage

Recognition is given to the Pelegrinos (Pilgrims) who make the journey on foot, horseback or by bicycle.    We will make the trip by bicycle and as such there is no Way like the coastal route through Portugal.  Experiencing cultural events in both Portugal and Spain while held between earth, sea and sky we will travel through the beauty and culinary delights both countries have to offer.

The trip will cover approximately 150 miles over 5 days. The route itself is relatively flat as it travels along the coast. The terrain varies between paved roads and approximately a third of the distance is on earthern tracks, cobblestoned or roads made from Roman pavers.

Physical Preparedness

We will be on bicycles most days for 2-4 hours. Familiarity and comfort are important…being in competitive physical shape is not. Most days we will be on asphalt on mostly level ground. There will be hours during the day to complete a 20-30 mile trek. Anticipate this taking 2-3 hours travelling at a comfortable, leisurely pace.

eBikes will also be available for this trip. Please reach out if an eBike is an appealing option. Additional fee may apply.

Trip Outline

Sat (Day 1)
Arrive Lisbon (Arrive anytime, Welcome Dinner and optional excursions for early arrivers)

Sun (Day 2)
Travel to Porto (Travel together to Porto, check gear, orientation meeting and discover the culinary delights of Northern Portugal)

Mon (Day 3)
Biking Day 1 (Head out along the coast visiting historical and cultural sites along the Way). Bike approx 16 miles

Tues (Day 4)
Biking Day 2. (Continue along the coast soaking up the landscape, the people and the experience). Bike approx 29 miles

Wed (Day 5)
Biking Day 3. (Last day along the coast, turn inland and sink deeper into Peligrino traditions and experiences as we visit poignant sites during our trip). Bike approx 39 miles

Thur (Day 6)
Biking Day 4 (Our pilgrimage leads us into Spain and an extension of the traditions.  Take in the rich and colorful heritage of Galicia. Bike approx 38 miles

Fri (Day 7)
Biking Day 5 (arrive in Santiago de Compostela in the evening.  Soak and Relax in 5-star bliss as we stay in the oldest hotel in Spain). Bike approx 39 miles

Sat (Day 8)
Santiago to Lisbon:  (Relax and explore in the morning as we enjoy what Santiago has to offer.  We will catch an afternoon train back to Lisbon and celebrate with a farewell dinner together.)

Sun (Day 9)
Lisbon. (Depart anytime)

Please keep in mind this is an outline. We are intentionally leaving space for workshops, discussions and serendipitous discoveries. Some of the activities mentioned may change.


Your Investment


per person (double occupancy). Flight not included.


Transport to/from Lisbon
Bike Rental
Emergency assistance
All accommodations including 5-star hotel in Santiago
Many meals and more


Plan on arriving in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday and departing anytime on the following Sunday.

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