Hi! We are Janelle and Sean. We are friendly, kind, and curious, with a healthy dose of silly. We believe the world to be full of wonderful, kind humans and love to encourage others to seek adventure beyond our country’s borders.


has visited over 100 countries and built a life prioritizing travel, connection and laughter. He’s walked the Camino de Santiago, driven overland from Kenya to South Africa, sought out and dove with over 30 species of sharks, gotten lost in the jungles of Borneo and eaten a grub (on purpose).


has traveled to over 40 countries. During a 6 month solo round the world trip she volunteered in Nepal and Uganda, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, completed a 10-day silent meditation in India and overall had amazing time learning about the world and herself.

In our first two years of dating we visited all seven continents together. We are both entrepreneurs, intentionally making a life together which incorporates travel, adventure, new experiences and pushing our boundaries.

Want to get a sense of just how silly we are? Watch this video…