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Best Travel App for 2020

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Best 2020 App

What Travel App do You Need for Your Next Trip?

There is always excitement and a thrilling feeling whenever we are going to wander and explore new places. As we embark on the 2020 decade, technology and travel apps have become a mainstay in our travel planning and experience.

From communication, navigation, transportation, accommodation up to the smallest details such as what books to read, all of this is now available in a single handheld device. With a smartphone, all you need to do is download an app or application, and you have the world at your fingertips.

One of the highlights of our meetup group, International Travel with a Purpose, is our favorite travel app discussion. Here are the best travel apps of 2020, organized into the following categories.




Best Travel App CityMaps2Go

CityMaps2Go identifies your location on the map with a dot via GPS satellites. It shows where you are, even if you’re phone is in airplane mode, and what direction you’re moving.


Best Travel AppGoogle Maps 

You can download the app on your phone and it can be accessed offline, anytime. You’ll have access to driving directions and routes. You can also use this app to find the location. You can also download offline maps based on the places you are going in the future.


Best Travel

An offline map of the whole world which works even if you don’t have a SIM card. This is a perfect navigation app for your travels anywhere around the world.





Best Travel AppAirbnb

An online marketplace and hospitality service that charges less than hotels by offering far cheaper prices and a genuine experience by staying in local homes. Members can use the app to arrange lodging or tourism experiences.



It is phenomenal for making reservations both on flights and hotels when traveling in Southeast Asia.


Best Travel AppHopper 

Great app for figuring out an affordable time of year to visit a particular country. The app monitors prices for you then tells you when to book and when to wait for both flights and hotels.



Kayak is a travel search engine. It operates like a digital planner while also keeping an eye out for cheaper price trends.


Best Travel AppPriority Pass

Tired of layovers? Priority Pass makes it bearable and enjoyable by giving you access to airport lounges in over 500 cities and 130 countries worldwide.


Best Travel AppSkyScanner

Skyscanner is a fun way to look for trips. In fact, Skyscanner is the only app that allows you to select ‘anywhere’ as an international destination. It’s available in 30 languages and has a news section that includes news from travel and flight industries and gives travel tips for users.




Airbnb Experience

As stated in their website, “Experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals who love where they’re from and what they do whether activities, meals, or traditional events.”


Best Travel AppAtlas Obscura

Now can be used through your smartphones! Atlas Obscura has created a comprehensive database of the world’s most wondrous places and foods.



Been is a travel tracker app. It simply asks you to check all the countries where you’ve been and while you do this it shows you on the map where you’ve been.



Best Travel AppCulture Trip: Explore & Travel

Culture Trip is an app that Sean heard about while he was in Bolivia. It’s an app that allows you to explore the local culture and discover local destinations. Sean particularly loves the awesome local restaurant recommendations it provides.




Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best and commonly used apps for translations. It also offers offline translations.




An interactive app that helps travelers find and record destinations. As you go discover and wander, you can add new places, and update old ones.


Best Travel AppMeetUp

Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities. It operates as a platform that provides membership software and enables the people using this app to schedule events using a common program.


Best Travel AppPolarsteps

This is like a travel book app. It’s an app that automatically logs where you’ve been by tracking the photos you take in each place. It even logs your route when you have no internet connection and it has a minimal battery impact.


Best Travel AppSplitwise

A travel calculator designed for when you are traveling with friends or groups. It’s a simple, but super powerful way to track and split shared expenses on vacation.



Best Travel AppTimeshifter

Popularly known as “the jet lag app.” What makes this app so unique is that you can personalize it to your particular needs based on your sleep pattern, itinerary, and it will tell you when to limit your exposure to light, drink caffeine or take a nap.


Best Travel AppTripIt

Managing all the details while traveling is the most stressful part. With TripIt, it makes traveling both easier and less stressful. All of your travel information will be managed and kept into one central location.




Best Travel AppMastercard Nearby

It’s a mobile app that helps you quickly find places where you can use your Mastercard debit, credit or prepaid card or mobile wallet.



Best Travel AppXE Currency

An app designed to convert one currency into another to check the corresponding value. It aims to maintain real-time information on the current market or bank exchange rates so that the calculated result changes whenever the value of either of the component currencies does.





Another financial institution that offers protection when you are traveling. You are covered by their $0 fraud liability policy while you’re traveling.



Best Travel AppCharles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a bank and stock brokerage firm based in San Francisco, California. If you have an account with them, you can use their travel notice to monitor your account more effectively when there’s activity outside of your usual routine. Also, there is no foreign ATM transaction fee.




Best Travel AppKnowroaming

Owned by a Canadian company, this app offers a “sticker” that attaches to your existing SIM card to provide international roaming services. It is most useful for those who travel regularly or are going abroad for a short time.


Best Travel AppGoogle Fi

Google Fi is a phone carrier operated by Google. The have a fixed cost data plan, even when you are overseas.





Book is a constant companion of every traveler. Good thing that with the help of technology, we can access a variety of books in one app. Audible is a great choice if you return to your favorite audio books over and over again and are interested in building up your library.



Chirp is a digital audiobook service that gives a fresh selection of limited-time audiobooks. Listeners can play Chirp audiobooks via the Chirp app or stream them on the Chirp website.


Best Travel AppOverDrive

Overdrive is an app that the local libraries are all hooked into. All you need is a library card.



These are just some of the thousands of travel apps available. With years of travel experience, we find these favorite travel apps can make your next travel journey stress free.

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