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The 7 Ultimate Traveler’s Saving Tips

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The 7 Ultimate Traveler’s Saving Tips

Our thirst for discovery feeds our truest selves.  We feel that by making time for wonder, curiosity and the unknown we become richer and a benefit to those we live with.  Travel is a wonderful way to infuse wonder in our lives!  As we speak with people we often hear that they wish they could travel more.   One of the most common reasons people with the desire for the new don’t travel as much as they would like is lack of finances.  Travelling is seen as an expensive luxury that has to compete for the limits of our bank accounts.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 of the most practical tips to achieve a more budget-friendly travel experience. We have polled dozens of seasoned travelers for their best tips to help YOU get abroad more often.  Here is the best of the best tips from all of our interviews;

traveler's saving tipsGet Comfortable with Sharing

One of the simplest things you can do to drastically decrease the price of travel is be open to sharing. Doing something as simple as using the sharing option on ‘Uber’ or ‘Blablacar’  can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Staying in hostels, like those in Hostelling International, allows you to share a room with other people. Also, using food apps like ‘Eatwith and booking tours with Vayable’ are great ways to get into sharing.

When you share a tour, a ride and even a meal, you get a chance to meet locals in the area. This will enrich your overall travel experience. Plus, they’ll be able to point you towards the best and cheapest places in town.

Find Out If There Are Tourist/Student Discount Cards Available

Check if there are applicable discount options for you as a traveler before you go into a country. For instance, if you’re going to Japan, they have a tourist-only option to get a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) where you can ride a number of trains for a much cheaper price. However, you can only purchase it outside of Japan. So, make sure to check if there are similar options for the country you plan to visit.

Also, if you are someone who is currently studying and is under 26 years of age OR you’re someone who qualifies as a Senior Citizen, chances are, you can get a lot of discounts by simply showing your school ID/ Senior Citizen ID. As long as you inform establishments, you’ll be able to accumulate savings while you travel.

travel savings cheapPut on Your Detective Shoes and Find the Deals

When it comes to traveling inexpensively, being flexible with your schedule is absolutely key. Why? You give yourself room to choose cheaper flights and accommodations. This is particularly true when you choose to travel in off-season times of the year.

Using websites like Skyscanner allows you to view and compare flight prices across an entire month so you can choose the dates with the lowest prices. For accommodations, you can use websites like, Trivago, Kayak or even Airbnb to check for great hotels/hostels/homes that provide great value-for-money.

Lastly, check for tours or even events (especially those that come with food) that are free in the area you plan to visit. Do not go on tours that you can just D-I-Y, you’ll probably even appreciate taking things your own pace. Moreover, if you are a part of a professional community, check for organizations or societies in the area that can help sponsor your travel. After all, it never hurts to ask, right?

Bring Your Own Food Around and Cook Meals

Beginning from the time you board the plane to your destination, you should already have a meal packed. It would probably be even better than those microwaved meals they serve in-flight.

Once you do get out of the airport, do what locals do and go to the local grocery shop.  This will be a great way for you to discover fresh produce, spices and other products in the area. Plus, you save a whole lot of money. Yes, you can still eat in restaurants, but you can choose a meal or two in a day that you make to save on costs.

Leave All That Extra Baggage Behind

Easier said than done, I get it. What if I need these extra pairs of jeans? Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty that goes into traveling. You never really know what to expect. However, you can’t expect yourself to enjoy your vacation if you’re bringing all that baggage with you.

The truth is, we only ever really need a few essentials to enjoy traveling. While it might be tempting to pack 10 other articles of clothing so you won’t be caught wearing the same outfit on all the photos, you can always learn the art of packing a few essentials and just mixing them up.

Also, you can consider layering clothing ahead and wearing your heaviest coat so you don’t have to worry about stuffing it into your luggage. Remember that additional baggage can incur A LOT of extra fees, so make sure to bring a light scale so you can keep your baggage in check, following the allowances set.

Forego Foreign Transaction Fees in Credit Cards

When choosing a credit card to use while traveling makes sure you’re aware of the charges it makes on foreign transaction fees. These are made on transactions that are processed in a foreign currency or passing through a foreign bank. They typically charge a high amount of 3% per transaction. So, make sure that the credit card you’re using while you travel has little or no transaction fees.  If there is one thing we absolutely hate paying for, it is bank fees.  We are big advocates of Chase credits cards (both Sapphire Reserve and Preferred) and neither Charles Schwab Checking and Capital One 360 charge ATM fees on international withdrawals AND they’ll refund the fee the foreign ATM charges. 

With all of these in mind, you allow yourself to experience a more quality and liberating travel experience. After all, traveling should be about being present in the moment. So, you can treasure the fantastic little moments in life. Do all the planning ahead, and once you arrive at your destination, just enjoy any adventure that comes your way.

Put all these tips into action! Check out where we’re heading to next!