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Shinjuku Robot Restaurant – A Unique Experience

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

A Robot Restaurant?

Japan is known to have an abundance of unique and out-of-this-world shows, none of these are more spectacular as the show offered in the Shinjuku Robot Restaurant.

Please join us as we walk through what you can expect when visiting Shinjuku Robot Restaurant.

First:  Getting in.

TAT TIP:  We recommend you purchase tickets online in advance as seats fill out fast and they are way cheaper. 

You will need to navigate through crowds as the restaurant is located in the red-light district of Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho.  Trust us, the show is well worth the effort!

tokyo robot restaurantYou can identify the restaurant entrance by the cool robot chairs outside.  These chairs are the perfect spot to grab a photo with the mesmerizing lights in the background.

Note: everyone is required to arrive half an hour before the show begins, so plan accordingly.

Once inside you will be asked to stay in the bar just above the theater before the show begins. This area is full of red velvet, golden hues, and the glitz of the most luxurious destinations in the world.  Guests can sit, order a drink, and talk to other show-goers as they wait for the real fun of the evening to begin.

robot restaurantThis is a restaurant.  Meals can be ordered in advance if you purchase your tickets you purchase your tickets online.  All three options are very simple meals.

TAT TIP: We recommend skipping the meal all together and recommend ordering a drink or two plus a snack instead.

The lights and loud music in the bar area is only a portion of what you will experience during the live show in the main theater.  Once you are seated in the main theater, the lights go down, and a roar can be heard through the crowd as they wait for the opening number.  Loud music will vibrate out of the speakers, while the lights turn bright and flash to the beat of the music.

The show focuses on the Japanese culture and includes anime characters, fantasy stories, and extraordinary sights from carnivals. Oh, and and robot fights!   You will find yourself laughing hysterically one minute and being scared out of your mind a little while later.

shinjuku robot restaurantThe show lasts an hour and a half long and you will be seated the entire time.  With all the exhilaration and adrenaline you may feel like you’ve been in a real robot duel!

Guests can choose from three different performances each day, although some days do have an earlier special performance with the option of photos with the robots.

No one is allowed to wear a costume into the performance and wigs and sunglasses are forbidden as well.

This area of the country is already bustling and slightly overwhelming to those who visit, but this show will show you that the locals really know how to captivate the attention of those who choose to be there.  Some of what you see will astound you, while other parts will fascinate you completely until you are not sure whether or not you are really seeing what is before your eyes.

It’s all the magic of the theater and no one does it better than Shinjuku Robot Restaurant.

We’re heading to Japan in 2019, come with us to the restaurant!