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Travel Hacking – Score Great Deals

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Travel Hacking 101

Travel Hacking is the term used when referring to using credit cards and rewards programs to get points to use toward flights, accommodations and other travel-related costs.

Joel of Just Get Out of Town shared with us his top 3 most useful travel hacking sites, point-hacking guide, and how to get extra credit.

For those who love to travel and score great deals, this article runs you through ethical travel hacks that most people have no idea about!

Travel Hacking Sites

travel helps you save money on travel.  Use this site to earn, manage and use reward points quicker. is great for those who have hotel points but don’t know where to use them. You can search hotels geographically with awardmapper and filter by the number of points required. is ideal after you have signed up for all the awesome travel point programs. The site allows you to keep track of all your travel programs so you can stay organized

Quick-Start Point-Hacking Guide

This point-hacking guide can get you more miles and more free flights! The process might sound complicated, but this doesn’t take any longer than the amount of time you spend shopping for a flight when paying cash.

  1. Check your credit on or
    • Confident you have good credit? Use NerdWallet.
    • Not so good credit? Use CreditKarma.
  2. Once you verify your score is higher than 690, go to* and apply for a new card with a minimum spend you’re comfortable with & wait for it to show up in the mail.
  3. If you were instantly approved AND you can meet a minimum spend on 2 cards, go ahead and apply for a 2nd
    • If you apply for Chase* twice in the same business day, it will only count as one credit-check. (DO NOT apply a third time. It will not get approved regardless if the first two are.)
  4. Put your old card in a drawer when the new card arrives.
  5. Spend the minimum required amount on your new card(s) within the required time period (usually 90 days)
  6. Pay off the balance by your statement due date.
  7. Collect your miles.
  8. Book a couple flights for free.
  9. Do you need more miles? Wash/rinse/repeat steps 1 through 7.
    • Within 8 to 10 months, decide whether or not you should cancel your old cards, or leave them in a drawer. Joel covers this in a comprehensive report in the member section of

Extra Credit

travel hacking 101*The only other advice I have is that I strongly recommend that you get your new first few cards card from Chase Bank. (

  • If your goal is domestic travel, get one of their Southwest cards. Any of them will do. (Ps – You can get 2 Southwest Cards for twice the points and once you hit 110,000 miles, you’ll qualify for a free companion pass for 1 to 2 years.)
  • If your goal is international or Alaska/Hawaii travel, I recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve Card.
  • Although the Sapphire Reserve card has a $450 annual fee, they instantly refund $300 toward any travel purchased with that card (including Uber), so it’s really only $50/year more than the $100 per year Sapphire Preferred card.
  • With Sapphire Reserve, get free access to first-class lounges for yourself and guests.
  • AND you get 3x points on travel/dining vs only 2x with the Preferred card.

If you really want to keep analyzing, just Google “Chase 5/24 rule”. Just go get a new Chase card. You’ll thank me later.

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